See what we Train in Wu Dao Gong


Eddi, who has been training in Wu Dao Gong for 18 years, is practising the Chop form (Pi Quan).  The Chop form is one of the most important components in the Wu Dao Gong system.  It contains the five major types of power which you can see and hear.

Standard Chop Form

How old do you think Eddi is?  Would you be surprised if I said he is 60 years old?  The Wu Dao Gong system has great potential when it comes to rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit.  It is more than a martial system; it is a way to bring out the very best in us all.

Crushing Fist Form

The Free Style Self Defence 4 video clips below are unrehearsed attacks and defence by John-Pierre and Eddi (60 years old).  Eddi isn't issuing power at the point of contact.  If he does, John will be hurt (bearing in mind Eddi's power shown in the Chop Form clip).  You can see he maintains good posture (without losing his centre) and easily deals with any of John's attacks.  The purpose of these clips is to show natural reactions to attacks instead of techniques.  These skills come mainly through the practice of Chop Form (Pi Quan), an important training tool in our system.

Many people who practise the Chop limit it to just technique.  However, in our Wu Dao Gong system, it is considered a highly refined tool or method to change the body and eventually arrive at the level of art spontaneously expressing the practitioner's response according to the situation.

Our system doesn't focus on extended fighting.  It is designed to finish the opponent off quickly if necessary.  Ultimately, the system is designed to bring change : to liberate your mind and body from its conditioned limitations.  At a basic level, it is fighting; at a high level, it is art.  If you are not aware of the nature and purpose of this level, you may be wondering what techniques he is using.  At this level of spontaneity, everything is technique and no technique.  Once you have power and coordination, many things are possible.

Free Style Self Defence against Grappling - Wrestling

Free Style Self Defence against Punching

Free Style Self Defence against Kicking & Grappling

Free Style Self Defence against Kicking

The power that Eddi produces while moving is penetrating and continuous.  The ability to produce such power on the move is a major characteristic of the Wu Dao Gong system. 

In the Wu Dao Gong system, we use pads to express our power.  They are not used to develop power.  Our power comes from the form training.  This is one of the interesting features of our method.  It is from the form, leg training, San Ti and Push Hands that our power and self defence ability are developed, not sparring or pad work.

When Chris hits the pads, you can see how much my arms are moving, even though I am doing my best to resist.  This type of power actually penetrates the pads.


For videos on the Wu Dao Gong foundation training, visit our Youtube Channel.