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Our Academy

The Canberra Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to passing on the rich treasures of Chinese internal arts to the Canberra public to improve the quality of life and to develop and lift the mind, body and spirit on all levels.  Chief Instructor Brett Wagland has dedicated 40 years to the practice and research of the best methods available.  

The main martial arts system that we teach is Wu Dao Gong which is a synthesis of the great martial art styles of China.  This art is an integration of philosophy, meditation, martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine.  It embodies qualities of well being, power, transcendence, beauty, inspiration and wisdom.  This art is from a long gone ancient age and is quickly disappearing.  
Brett remarked, "I have been fortunate enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn these practices from a traditional teacher of these arts.  Since meeting Fei Wang 30 years ago, I have only missed a few days of training.  It has been and still is an amazing journey into the depths of my being – my body, mind and spirit.  I still see my teacher twice a week with a group of a dozen or so dedicated students.  Training is hard and challenging on many levels but it is also immensely rewarding.  This ancient knowledge transforms those who pursue it.  It is deeply steeped in Taoist and Buddhist traditions of knowledge and wisdom in self development.  Truly, in the training methods and wisdom can be found a treasure that can elevate the consciousness and well being of humankind."
Come to feel the difference for yourself, whether you are a new beginner or a seasoned martial artist!  Experiencing is believing!