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What Instructor Chris Radnedge Gained from Yang Mian

In 2006, Chief Instructor Brett began teaching Chris Yang Mian, a rare internal style that is fast becoming sought after as a martial arts system.  This is due to its rapid development of power and individualised teaching method.  Yang (family surname) Mian (means cotton) is a family system that has been passed down from generation to generation to the current lineage holder, Master Yang Zhen Hua who resides in Sydney.  Its focus is upon developing flexibility and power instead of specific techniques. T his allows practitioners of any martial arts to adopt Yang Mian as a supplement to their existing training in order to quickly raise their levels.

Yang Mian and Hun Yuan Tai Chi complement each other very well.  Both emphasise relaxation, flexibility and the continuity of running water.  Yang Mian makes use of spiralling energy in a similar way to Hun Yuan Tai Chi.  The power built up in the Yang Mian training is easily felt during Hun Yuan Tai Chi practice. “It greatly deepened my understanding of coiling power and spiral movement. My Fa Jin power went through the roof within six months of commencing Yang Mian.”

Yang Mian teaches aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts training that are not usually openly taught.  In a relatively short period of time, it enables the development of the different forces that are the domain of high level internal martial arts practitioners.  Any hard earned skills blunted by a lay off period or illness, are very quickly resharpened due to the speed at which this system opens up the body.  Skills such as Steel Body and Steel Hand are trained through breathing techniques, qigong and impact conditioning.  No special herbs are needed to supplement this training to prevent damage to the body and hands.  They retain their normal appearance.

Yang Mian teaches the complete use of the elbows in self defence in an infinite number of ways and combinations.  The system is perfect for both men and women.  Chris added, “Yang Mian is unique among all of the martial arts styles I have come across.  Most systems stop the practitioner’s power at the end of each individual movement.  The Yang Mian system has built within it methods of linking the power from one movement to another.  It can link many Fa Jin strikes into one continuous motion like a wheel, with no stopping or breaking of power.  This is exactly what is needed for self defence.  This power is overwhelming.  The only martial art that I have seen that comes even remotely close to displaying this kind of linking power is Chen style Tai Chi which is what Hun Yuan Tai Chi is based upon.”

For Chris, the Yang Mian training was just what he needed at the right time.  Through the Wu Dao Gong and Tai Chi training, Chris had built up a lot of power.  Yang Mian enabled the power to be expressed fully. Chris explained, “Yang Mian quickly opened up my body even further than before.  It also opened up windows in my thinking that allowed me to burst through a major plateau I had come to in my training.  I began to see the previous training I had been doing and am still engaged in, in a whole different light.  The outside changed somewhat, but the internal feeling and my perception changed dramatically.  I can now feel my Dan Tian regularly when I practise Yang Mian.  My body became even softer and more flexible.  I overcame injuries that had been holding back me for years.  Both my Hun Yuan Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong training improved greatly.”