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Powerful Self Healing Wuji Gong

Create Greater Health, Well Being and Contentment

2 Week Course (4 lessons) in the last 2 weeks of Jan 2023

           >> This course is conducted once a year only. <<

- Physical Classes - Mon & Wed 16, 18, 23 & 25 Jan    6.15 to 7.45pm

- Zoom Sessions - Wed & Thurs 17, 19, 24 & 26 Jan   7.15pm to 8.45pm  (Canberra, Australia time)
                                                                                     Check your local time.

                Suitable & beneficial for everyone.  Easy & enjoyable to do.  No experience is necessary.

St. Vincent's Primary School Hall
Bindel Street, Aranda.

* $300- (GST included)
* Students who also enrol in Term 1 (2023) Wu Dao Gong or Tai Chi are eligible for a special rate of $260-.
* Revision Rate for previous participants : $120-
         Once enrolled, you are welcome to attend the physical classes or Zoom classes or a combination of both.

Bookings are essential.
Phone 6296 1357 or enrol now – the fast and efficient way to enrol.
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Please pay the course fee to confirm your booking.
We welcome payment by credit card – M/C, visa, Amex.

The Wuji Gong Book & Video will be available for sale during the course.


Emei Mountain, one of China’s four designated sacred Buddhist mountains, is in the Sichuan province.  It is a beautiful place with waterfalls, verdant green forests and ancient temples.  It has been a refuge for those seeking self-cultivation and on the quest of enlightenment.  In 1227, a Taoist monk made his way to the Lofty Eyebrow Peak, the summit of the Emei Mountain and meditated there until he became fully enlightened.  After he had realised his true nature, he took the name, Bai Yun (White Cloud) and created the Emei Qigong system.  Qigong means energy work.  It uses postures and awareness to cultivate, transform and move qi (energy) through the body. 

The Emei Qigong, famous for its healing arts, is a comprehensive system comprising of knowledge and techniques from Taoist, Buddhist, traditional medicine and martial arts.  The system is multilayered.  It lays the foundation for good health  and sustained well-being as well as healing.  It serves to deepen one’s understanding of life and leads to enlightenment (awakening of one’s true nature).    

waterfallThe Emei Qigong system has an unbroken lineage since its inception, now close to 800 years.  It has been passed down only to monks for centuries and they did not teach in public.  It was only during the Second World War that the system was transmitted to a lay person, Zhou Qian Chuan as the 12th Lineage Holder, for preservation of the system.  From then on, the position of Lineage Holder alternates and is shared in an over-lapping manner between a monk and a lay person.  The lay person lineage holder makes the knowledge of the Emei Qigong available to the public while the monk lineage holder resides in a monastery hidden from the world.

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, 13th generation, is the second lay person to be the Emei Qigong lineage holder.  Fontane has been extensively trained in the system under Grandmaster Fu and is authorised to teach the healing arts of Emei Qigong.  She is very fortunate to have Grandmaster Fu as her teacher.

The Self Healing Wuji Gong is a simple form to learn but it is profound in that it has many high level principles and training methods concealed within it.  The Wuji Gong was developed by Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong based on important principles for healing and for strengthening the mind, body and spirit. 

The first part of the Self Healing Wuji Gong form employs the Central Channel to invigorate and balance  the vital energy.  The uniqueness of this form enables practitioners to enter the Wuji state effortlessly.  The movements in the Wuji state harmonise your system with the Universal Energy.  They enable the Universal Energy to flow through the body’s 20 channels (12 organ channels and 8 extraordinary channels) to balance and strengthen your system. 

The most invaluable aspect of the Self Healing Wuji Gong is to enable you to tap into your natural healing force.  Although this healing force is within every one of us, it is not fully functioning because we are not in touch with it.  The Wuji Gong draws out this natural healing force to work for you.  The intelligence of the Wuji energy will be evident during your practice.  You will feel the energy moving to areas which need healing. 

The Self Healing Wuji Gong is very enjoyable to practise.  It will elicit feelings of relaxation and deep tranquillity. Students have commented that they feel calm, a lightness of spirit and a tremendous sense of well-being and contentment.  Over the years, practitioners have reported remarkable healing benefits, such as reversal of osteoporosis, reduction in the size of a bone spur, lowering of high blood pressure, dissolving tumours, disappearance of back pain, an increased ability to heal from illness, higher energy levels and stronger immune functioning. Some practitioners also found that they are much more aware physically, mentally and emotionally.  Some have even developed stronger intuitive powers.

During the course, as well as teaching the Wuji Gong, Fontane will explain these important topics that will benefit you in your everyday life :

  • the wuji energy, and 
  • the 5 causes of illness 

Fontane specialises in energy cultivation and meditation practices.  She has been teaching full time for 32 years and is highly regarded by all those who learn from her.  She speaks about significant aspects which are rarely discussed.  This knowledge is usually not taught openly. 

This Self Healing Wuji Gong course will be your opportunity to learn an integral part of this powerful healing system, a skill that will benefit you for the whole of your life.  This course is only conducted once a year.

For more information on the Emei Qigong system, read this.


Self Healing Wuji Gong Testimonials from Canberra Students:

“I have noticed that practising Wuji Gong for one term (10 weeks) has already improved my health.  I have had chronic pain for the last six years.  Since commencing Wuji Gong I have been pain free and not taken pain medication.  Everyday the practice changes, whether it is seated, lying or standing.  During practice I can start out mentally tired but a few minutes into training I feel energised and alert.  I have noticed my Tai Chi practice has changed in the last term and feels different.  From very conscious large movements down to more compact movements which now feel more natural and connected.”
– Reg, Public Servant


“Overall, I have been surprised by the practice and the effect and benefits it has had on my wellbeing, even after a short period of practice.  It is easy to get into and I am surprised how long I manage to stay in the practice.  Interestingly, the experience of each practice is quite different and the benefits are tangible.
        I feel the benefits of the practice mostly at a physical level.  Not only do I have more energy, the practice seems to be beneficial for my immune system.  I am less prone to tension headaches and migraines.  I feel calmer generally and more alert throughout the day.  It has improved my mental stamina and problem solving abilities. 
        At a different level, the practice has started to renew me at a level that is difficult to explain.  It has brought self-awareness and started to change the way I respond to life's stresses and challenges in a more positive and constructive way.   Consequently, I feel more alive as I'm able to take things in my stride and make changes in my own life that are beneficial to myself and also others.”
– Maria, Public Servant 


“Fontane’s Wuji Gong class has been the most amazing, and the weirdest, experience I’ve had of Qigong.  Amazing, because of the strength of the ‘qi sensations’ felt from even the first week and how it has changed my appreciation of Wu Dao Gong practices.  Weird, not just because some of the movements look a bit strange, but those ‘qi sensations’ don’t stop when you stop practising the form!”
– Alex, Test Analyst 


“My experience with Wuji Gong so far has been extremely pleasant.  I feel a deep sense of calmness and connection after I do the form which lasts throughout my day or evening, depending on the time I practise.
        The form was easy to learn and did not require too much physically, although, the movements have certain requirements/structure in order to gain full benefits.  This is where having Fontane as my/our teacher was priceless as she was very thorough with demonstrating and explaining the movements and theory, also when giving me feedback which I'm very thankful for.
        All in all, I feel very fortunate to have learnt/to be learning this form.  I fully recommend this special training for anyone who is interested in progressing with their Qigong practice, or in their general wellbeing.” 
– John-Pierre, Earthmoving and Construction Business Owner /Worker


“My experience of the Wuji Gong is that it makes me feel energised if I do it in the morning, and helps me sleep well if I do it at night.  It gives me a relaxed feeling that feels like it takes no effort … I move my body slowly and calmly, no sense of rushing or stress, and fewer distracting thoughts than normal.  When I sit or lie on the floor during the practice, my body feels very heavy and relaxed even when lying on a hard wooden floor.  I feel soft and pliable and safe, I imagine like a baby might feel while relaxing and moving slowly in a comfortable crib.  My body can relax into positions that I find uncomfortable or difficult at other times.” 
– Kath, Freelance Editor


“I have been doing the Emei Wuji Gong practice, every 2nd day, for a couple of months now.  It leaves me with a lightness of spirit like that I used to enjoy when playing on the monkey bars as a child.” 
– Howard, Company Director


“While the Wuji Gong movements are easy to learn and remember, I quickly develop a strong feeling of energy when practising them.  This feeling is not just in the hands and arms but also in my legs and body. As I move, I am able to feel the energy travel along my arms and into my fingertips.  At the same time I am able to feel the energy move from one leg to the other as I move my weight from one to the other.  This experience has given me a better understanding of many of my kung fu movements and stances.
        When I finish the practice I feel very calm and awake.  My body feels loose and light for a long time after I have finished.  It is a very pleasant practice that has given me a real insight into moving in a relaxed way and how energy moves around the body.”
– Adrian, Project Manager


“I really enjoy this practice and when I don't do it for a few days, I really miss it.  I have noticed that it helps maintaining healthy sleep patterns, particularly in times of stress.  It is also possible to do this practice when you are not feeling well.  Its flexibility means that you tend to do as much or as little as your body can handle.  It is very relaxing and I think it has helped me experience the sensation of qi more deeply in the Hun Yuan practice.  It is my favourite qigong practice.”  
– Brigitte, Consultant


“Where to start with Wuji Gong?  It's mysterious and compelling but best of all it works!  I've practised many different styles of Qigong but the results from practising Wuji Gong for just a few months are outstanding.  My upper body is more relaxed than ever before and my sleep has improved.  It has also taken my Tai Chi form to new levels.”
– Andrew, Public Servant