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  Invigorate Your Life - feel the difference!

  • Feel calmer and be more confident
  • Notice your energy and stamina improve
  • Be stronger and more flexible
  • Think more clearly and concentrate better
  • See your self defence skills, your internal energy and your martial power develop

Its body conditioning is truly amazing and is second to none.  It draws on the finest methods of internal and external disciplines that have been refined for thousands of years by many great masters.  Students who practise these methods are amazed at the changes they experience physically, mentally and emotionally.

This type of training differs greatly from a gym type workout or a purely fighting system as it works in a holistic and integrated way.  The sinews and joints are loosened and then strengthened.  The muscles are toned.  Gradually, the internal organs are affected and even the bones become stronger.  The mind is trained to relax and to develop the ability to focus clearly, even under pressure.

Benefits that You Can Expect:

  • stronger back, more flexible joints and tendons
  • increased strength, stamina and energy
  • improved posture, flexibility and coordination
  • greater confidence
  • enhanced feeling of optimism and happiness
  • expanded clarity and awareness
  • a sense of centredness, calm and peace
  • robust internal energy
  • development of speed and power

The health and healing aspects of Wu Dao Gong have made many positive changes to our students.  Benefits they have gained include recovering from old injuries, a stronger immune system, a sense of calm and clarity, more energy and confidence and a feeling of well-being which carries the day.

Some of our students are experts in health professions such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, psychology and psychiatry. All agree that this is a very deep and comprehensive system for training the whole person.

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